Admin bar comments/replies Notification plugin

Looking for highly qualified serious WP developer.

I need a plugin that would add a new “notifications” icon (possibly a bell) to the right side of the admin bar.
VERY similar to this:
Except the left side “preview” is not really needed.

It should display when another either:
A) Replies to your comment.
B) Posts a comment on post you are the author of.

Each notification should link to the actual comment so the persona can click it and reply.
When there are unseen notifications there should be a number indicating how many. Similar to these orange circles seen here:

The site is busy so code must be optimized and escalate well with a large user base.

I have used this site before so i expect a gazillion of proposals, so if someone comes up with a working example it would help. I will not send you access to my server you should have your own testing environment.

Thanks for reading.

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United States
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