Experienced BuddyPress Community Manager Needed

I know of BuddyPress. I’ve seen it a few hundred times. I’ve been a member of a few groups using BuddyPress. What I’ve never done is actually configured, setup, added plugins, seen how they interact, how the plugins work, which ones do what, and been an admin of a BuddyPress site.

I’d like to create a city driven website for a small town.

  • Front end posting is really, Really, REALLY important! But how can community members ‘flag’ those posts should they become inappropriate? (I really don’t want to be responsible for “policing” everyone.)
  • How do I allow users to create groups? Let’s say there’s 2 high schools in town. I can’t have “Sally Soccer Mom” simply creating a group about that high school’s softball team. That particular softball team should be specifically attached (if that’s even the right word) to the specific high school. So, how does that get automated?
  • How can I use Events Calendar Pro to enable anyone in the city to create events? It seems like the user roles are a bit overlapping somewhat.
  • If you’re in a U.S. suburb, you’ll know about “buy/sell/swap/trade” Facebook groups. Is it possible to recreate that within BuddyPress?
  • What about business reviews? Is that even smart 🙂
  • How can I give a local business a profile? ….let them post events? ….let them post sales? …let the business owner post community sponsorships?

Like I said earlier…. I need someone with EXPERIENCE!! I don’t really even need someone full time 🙂 I just need someone whose got EXPERIENCE and is willing to be available for guaranteed replies that are ACCURATE answers about large scale ….EXPERIENCE!

Reply with the type of communities you’ve managed, the size, the scope, the roles, and how you grew the group. I’ll be really generous to the right person. But for someone with no experience with BuddyPress, I’m not really too interested.

If you’re willing to get paid simply for recommendations and replies to emails & questions, please reply correctly!

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United States
Varies Depending on Experience (read 'Description' carefully)
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