Fixing of bugs on WordPress site- Volunteer needed

We wish you all the a happy, prosperous and peaceful 2017!
PAAJAF Foundation which is an NGO in Ghana and working on behalf of children and women.

We are in need of your help to fix bugs on our website: if you are WordPress guru.

We have developed a fundraising plugin which you can find the documentation here:

The plugin can also be access here:

About the ISSUE:
One volunteer was able to configure the plugin for us. Unfortunately, we are were working on the website theme and things have mixed up .The plugin has these links:

1. Donate Now
2.Pledge your support
3. Create your campaign

Please have a look this link: , the funding info; has the above links and buttons- Donate now etc. is missing. At first it was working when the plugin was configured. Also we need to connect the Create your campaign to the campaign form.

Would you help our poor charity in Ghana by fixing the bugs for us as a VOLUNTEER?

Thank you
PAAJAF Foundation

PAAJAF Foundation
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