Need Shipping/ Payment Process Updated to E-commerce

I have a shop/sell website similar to “Letgo” or “ebay” where buyers can purchase products from multiple sellers. So will need a split cart plugin with multiple shipping method functionality ……. open to professional suggestions to make flow run as smoothly & easily as possible. Hiring English speaking freelancer Only, MUST be extremely experienced/ EXPERT with WooCommerce, WC Vendors Pro plugin, Marketplace websites.

Here’s what I’m suggesting:

1) Buyer signs up -goes to mailchimp buyers list (currently setup under Benchmark, open to suggestions)

2) Seller signs up – goes to mailchimp sellers list

3) 2 shipping methods- need this setup, possibly through wooforce.
– Shipping is based on weight and based on the USPS rates. Currently the weight features are already programmed based on our weight chart. However no automation is setup or relationship with USPS at this point.
• Standard – USPS it gets there when it does, no tracking # necessary
• Priority – Either USPS,UPS or FedEX. (Vendor must provide tracking number day after mailing or doesn’t get paid …I believe that through the tracking number automatically uploads, please confirm. “if” tracking # isn’t provided within time frames then an automatic email reminder is needed to seller and cc me)

4) “if” the WC Vendors Pro, wooforce OR plugin doesn’t include tracking already then a form to input tracking information will be needed. I believe the tracking is included in the WC Vendors Pro section
a) Customer Email
b) Date Sent
c) Shipper
d) Tracking Number
e) Notes (optional)
This form needs to be submitted & go into database, buyer gets email.

5) Buyer gets automatic email 14 days after sale date to verify receiving item
If no item is received after 14 days, then I will need to be notified via email so I can intervene. Need this automatic emails setup

6) Upon receipt of merch, Buyer will need to verify receiving product via by a button in the dashboard or in an email to confirm receipt of product. Or can contact us via email if product isn’t received or addressing any other issues.

7) Once confirmation of product is submitted, then the funds can be released -we need this to be automated

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