Professional Design AND Development of WordPress Site for Mobile App download

The Project is about a Presenting/Promoting a Mobile App to better organizing communities, Groups, Clubs etc. The App is currently under development (the design will be finished by the end of November). The final Android and iOS App will be ready in about 6-8 month). The purpose of the site is to promote the App and to convert WebSite Visitors into (future) ‘downloaders’. The website should be prepared into 6 languages: German, English, French, Italian, Greek and Russian. Translation will be provided if you put all the text to be translated into a word file.

Main areas of Project work:
1) Make 2-3 base design proposals, Design a professional Mock-up with unlimited revision (the fewer the better!). All IP and design should be owned by us and to be re-used for ‘marketing’ purposes
2) Propose Content (based on similar competitors sites and own proposals)
3) Responsive WebSite with Social Sharing, full-screen start up (eventually video), Icons for Social Pages, Blog – propose plugins and/ or solution
4) Configuration of the theme/template – you can propose a template and all plugins you would use – explain also why. A non-programmer should be able to maintain it afterwards
5) Managing and embedding the content and translation into 6 languages (DE, EN, RU, GR, FR, IT) and configuration of an IP Locator. A blog plugin is a must.
6) Integration with a Marketing Automation Tool (Form 7 and/or, Google Analytics etc.)

Questions to be answered to be considered in the process:
1) Describe experience you had with similar Websites promoting Mobile Apps. Please state what
a) experience you had with similar sites and
b) provide an URL and upon request provide a reference
2) Propose a) Price / Project Cost and b) Project Duration
3) Describe what you see as the biggest challenge for this project
4) Provide links of the best 3 WebSites that you developed up to now
5) Propose a template and all plugins you would use and explain the reason for your choice

Note: The page has to be developped on your server and only after project approval transferred to our hosting/domain by our internal web developer. Agreed payment (Paypal) will be done after successful completion of the Project work
33% after accepted Design work
33% after accepted development and configuration work on your server with and
33% after uploading and testing on our domain/hosting (Site is operating)

Please just send an eMail with answers to above 5 questions – I will answer all eMails within 24h. eMails without all answers above will not be returned. All ‘phone callers’ will be excluded from the ‘Application’ process. Thank you for your understanding and thank you for your application

BLUM Consulting GmbH
Job Type
Should be proposed by the applicant
How to Apply
Via email