WordPress API Custom Pluggin

I need a custom WordPress plugin that will create a custom post type for games, then use the Giantbomb API http://www.giantbomb.com/api/ to import each games data into the a new posts custom fields, and save it (with the game title as the title). This will need to happen as a scheduled task at the end of every day to make sure you always get new information, but must not import games more than once. You’ll also need a button to start the import whenever you like too.

It should display ALL Games available in the API (update every day and also have a feature to update manually) it should filter results and include Summary / Description, Box Shot, Screenshots, Videos, Title, Genre, Platforms, Publisher, Developer, Release Date (UK, US, Japan, Australia), Related Games, News, Guides, DLC, Wiki Franchises, Companies, Characters, and other metadata etc (all filtered by A-Z, release date etc) the current theme will require modifying to display it all the information.

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