WordPress Troubleshooter

We need someone (or several people) who are fantastic with WordPress and who aren’t scared of little jobs. We have a large WordPress client base, and we need someone who can do little things. Here are some real examples of things we’ve had to fix recently:

1. Fixing and styling a 3rd party form code to match an existing site.
2. Troubleshoot user roles mysteriously being set to ‘none’
3. Fixed styling on tabs where the active tab was disappearing
4. Optimize speed and javascript loading on a website
5. Modify image sizes and compression for speed
6. Look into sumome not working on a website

Ideally, you are great with PHP, CSS, HTML, and javascript. You also have minimal graphic skills (you can resize, crop, add text, etc to images)

Most importantly, you are available during hours you can define for us, and your communication response time needs to be pretty good. So, you can have as much time off as you need, but we need to know when you are ‘in the office’ and you need to get back to us during those times.

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