WP template / Event Calendar customisation

We are using the event calendar on our site but it does not look great with our theme. So I am looking for a developer who has experience of customising the Event Calendar ‘event details’ and ‘month view’ templates to make some changes to our site.

1. the current event details page looks like this
http://yogadharma.co.uk/event/890/ and I want it to look like this

Event Title

Changes include:
event details view:
– move and reformat content using theme styles
– show image with text wrapped
– show excerpt as blockquote (only show if excerpt is filled in)
– show address and map link at the bottom
– show spotify buy button
– identify product via custom event field (only show if custom field is filled in)
calendar view:
– remove header above calendar
– change all ‘active’ colours
– make hover event title clickable.

if you have experience making these types of changes please contact me to discuss rates.

Many thanks,

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