WP Theme customization

Jobsite Theme customization
WordPress Website: http://jobhosters.com/
WP Theme: Jobify (latest updated version)

I have made a start with this website, just a few things I can’t do with simple coding and shortcodes. Hoping to get this done by Monday 21-11-’16.

I need:
1. Pages with jobs listed BYCITY and BY CATEGORY with taxonomy images showing (like so: https://www.gulftalent.com/jobs/category). Images already added for cities using Taxonomy Images plugin, will add taxonomy images for categories myself once set up.
2. Display button for “Employers” more prominently by adding color #38d1ad to the button with the word Employers in white.
3. Display button “Sign Up” more prominently by adding color #8bd655 to the button with the words Sign Up in white.
4. Employer page: have custom menu in theme style that is only visible on employer page, (jobify theme only allows 2 menus and the custom menu widget can not be formatted). *If needed, here are the needed menu items: Account, Post a Job, Recruiting Solutions, Advertising & branding, About us, Contact us.

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