WP Website to be moved into New WP (Ronneby theme)

We are a small-medium business specialising primarily in data-driven design, analytics, strategy and both print and web development. We have an existing website that requires redevelopment with a new modern theme, improved structure and a highly engaging UX that really reflects our creativity.

The full project scope/Request for Quote with further business information, style and requirements will be provided to individual or agency/firm applicants on request. A brief scope is outlined below. Please contact us if you believe you are the right fit for this project.

Brief scope:
– Design and outline a brief creative concept for the website, taking into consideration the Ronneby theme (Our marketing team has a preference for a left-hand nav bar. Especially the one featured in the Ronneby sub-theme ‘Twelfth’: http://rnbtheme.com/twelfth/) No more than one page is required.
– Redevelop/reskin 10-20 individual pages of our existing website on a new WP installation within the Ronneby theme
– Assemble menu, any other navigation, footer and other global elements
– Assemble page layout templates that can be used by our internal team in future (these will likely be based on the 10-20 pages you develop)
– Decide or recommend the best features/elements within the Ronneby theme and Visual Composer layout (and/or other plugins, addons etc.) builder to utilise for a range of content
– We will need to migrate our existing blog to the new website, however we will likely complete this ourselves

What we can provide:
– Written content (and advise of any sections that will contain ‘Lorem Ipsum’ text)
– Our existing website as a reference
– Some digital assets such as logos and style guide, some images/icons, other media such as interactives to embed (though we would expect that some digital assets will be sourced by you)
– Assistance/collaboration from our internal team, when required (we have web and design knowledge) Please note: the main reason we are not developing in-house is due to time/resources – we will not be doing the larger part of the work in this project scope.

Main points for consideration:
– Strong and demonstrated experience in WordPress design and development – while this project is effectively a reskin of our current website, we are not looking for beginners and we are not wanting a basic, static website
– Creative and sound design skills with ability to conceptualise designs that employ best practice UX principles with an interesting and unique flair
– Ability to collaborate with our internal team, where necessary
– We have already decided on the Ronneby theme, therefore experience with Ronneby or Visual Composer would not only be ideal, but highly favourable
– Knowledge of web best practices such as SEO, accessibility standards, responsive design (or graceful degradation for some components)
– As mentioned, our internal team does have a working knowledge of web development and design. We will be able to help in developing some media assets, if required, and expect an itemised quote in your response.

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