Apprentice WordPress Developer

I’m a WordPress developer from Pune, India with over a decade of experience working with large and complex WordPress plugins. I currently work with an important open source WordPress plugin but I also build and maintain a couple of open source projects of my own:

On multiple occasions in the past, I have taught WordPress development and my past students have found employment with prestigious organisations like rtCamp and Automattic.

I’m looking for an apprentice to assist me with various open source projects while I train and mentor them for a period of three months starting sometime in October 2019 (deliberately to coincide with Hacktoberfest

  1. You’ll be expected to put in a minimum of 5 hours a day, 5 days a week (Monday-Friday), for a total of 12 weeks.
    • ~ 25 hrs/week, 100 hours/mo or 300 hours in total
  2. You will be working in the same room as me on a couple of open source projects.
  3. You’ll work on bug fixes, support forums and creating new features. You’ll receive credits for all the code you write.
  4. You need to be familiar with WordPress development or any programming language. However, preference will be given to someone who has some familiarity with WordPress’s API. On a expertise scale of 0 to 10, this is ideal for someone between 1-4.
  5. If you have decent logical reasoning skills and are interested in why things work the way they do, not just how to do things, this apprenticeship is for you.

I’ll pay you a living wage slightly higher than what an internship pays which should take care of your basic needs and daily commute in Pune but not as much as a full time job where you’re expected to be independent. The actual amount would depend on your current skills because that decides the proportion of your and my efforts but it’ll be between ?15-20K/mo. I won’t be able to help with relocation or accomodation so please consider that when applying.

Since the workspace is a home office, you’ll get homemade food, tea/coffee and a relaxed work environment. You can work sitting, standing or lying down as long as you finish what you need to. I have an unreasonably large collection of books so you’re in luck if you enjoy reading. Apart from me, you’ll face my cat who’s extremely friendly but you need to be comfortable with the idea of a cat forcefully plonking themselves on your lap.

I have Bipolar disorder so you should be comfortable with working independently without supervision or mentoring from time to time. You should also be open to the idea of working with a mentally ill person.

Also, I don’t want to work with jerks and bigots. If you harbour ill-will towards any section of society based on their caste, gender, sexuality, religion, etc, please don’t apply. Your political views matter to me because I believe GPL and FOSS is more political than economic in nature and good product development skills are informed by a personal socio-political belief system of empathy, equality and inclusiveness.

In the past, I tried to avoid involving money but I have realised that it’s useless for someone who doesn’t have the privilege of not needing wages to survive. I would give preference to anyone who comes from a less privileged section of Indian society (because of their caste, gender, sexuality, religion or similar).

At the end of the three month apprenticeship, provided you complete your tasks, you should have all the skills necessary and the right profile to get hired as a WordPress developer in a WordPress agency/organisation.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please submit the application form linked to with this post.

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