Aspiring WebApp Developer for full time longterm employment contract wanted

We are looking for an aspiring WebApp Developer. You will work hand in hand with our highly experienced CTO and under his direction build products that will put our company at the forefront of innovation.

– Fix Bugs and Improve Web Application Software products
– You will develop new Web Applications from the concept inception phase to the testing phase.
– Conduct iterative tests to continually improve Web Applications and make recommended Modifications.
– Review current codebases, and improve the existent architecture for a better long-term development implementation, we’re planning to be in business for the next decade.

You will learn a lot and have the freedom to make mistakes.

You will do a Trial Period of at least 3 Months


1000 USD a month Net Salary (we cover taxes)
16 Paid Vacation Days yearly
Health insurance (if within the EU)
Professional development
All Software you need for work will be paid for by us

Job requirements:

At least 1 year of experience developing software
At least 1 of experience with PHP or C++ and javascript
You need to be between 18 to 22 years old
Write code daily and do coding sessions with CTO
Talk daily with CTO to set objectives.
Be there at least 6 hours a day, at least 30 hours per week.
You love to play Video Games
You play to win
You want to put a dent in the universe
When we hire you, you cannot work on other projects.
Your spoken English must be fluent Your written English must be good

When you apply please submit the following: ???1.: Share your public hackerrank profile in your application.??Your Hackerrank Profile needs to have at least the following mandatory test on it:

These next ones is not mandatory but a nice to have

2.: You also need to take this typing speed test and submit a screenshot of your test result with your application.

3.: You need to provide a GitHub link that contains at least 2 projects or libraries or classes that you’ve coded and are not forks.

That’s it!??

We’re waiting for you.??

Let’s do some great work together

Job Type
Full Time
How to Apply
Via email