Backend WP/Budyypress/LEMP

We are currently launching a site for pranic like people to meet each other either online or offline, and whether they are traveling or not, wanting to buy land to start a community or not.

The most interesting part of this project is probably not the development but rather joining the group which is very uplifting, joyful and supportive. Plus, if you have maybe wanted to get on the right side of health, all of us are helping each other to transition diet through simple dry fasting and yogic practices.

There will be minimal pay for the first 3 months and then a salary which will be shared amongst the founding members of this project.

In terms of tech, we are on a LEMP stack with Digital Ocean. We are trying not to use too many plugins so lot of testing to make sure we make the right calls. Using WP Rocket & Perfmatters for now to help. The site is also working as a PWA with OneSignal push notif.

Urgent Need: Implementation of some functions related to database: “Attending’ post event, Extending Public BP groups to act as Private, Stripe/Paypal Payment, of course things are coming up as we are also testing with users.

Fun project, and I am here to talk @thatfabi on Telegram.

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