Complex Shipping Logic with Shipping Tables – Enter Once and Use Many Times

Individual must be located in the USA.

We are seeking an avid programmer with demonstrated successful performance to program complex shipping logic for us. The successful candidate will work under the guidance of our onsite programmer. The timeline for this is about 2 weeks from hire date with help from the onsite programmer. We have a team who can help with the final QC and may offer suggestions as to the ease of using the plugin.

The project includes the following:

  • Shipping Rate Tables where the rates are entered once and the table is used more than one time.
  • To make it easy to change the rates in admin, allow changing all rates in a table by for example, an increase or decrease by a percentage or dollar amount.
  • Which table to use will be determined by…
    • One of the product attributes which determines ground, expedited, or overnight shipping rate.
    • The destination address which is determined by state.
  • During the pre-order season, messages are needed to show at checkout and possibly the cart. Another message needs to show up so that customers know to expect their order to ship at a later date.
    These messages should be in admin so the staff can change them as needed.
    NOTE: The dates to start and stop the pre-order season actions will be entered into this app in admin.
  • A message during pre-order season will also need to show up on the product pages with the appropriate attribute indicated, above.
  • For certain states, both shipping to the customer and a pickup option will be offered. The pick-up option will like to our online app for them to schedule their pickup time.
  • Outside the country, a request for quotation will be offered with a message as to what to expect.
  • Outside pre-order season time, customers will be offered either a ground rate or expedited rate.
  • For some product attributes, there will be real-time shipping rates where the connection is made to the shipper for rates and labels.

If successful in a timely manner, there are other projects we need done before the website is launched.

100-Year-Old Business
Job Type
1000+/- USD
How to Apply
Via email