Development of a new site

i have opened a site with a hosting and now i want to make a professional webpage in Spanish and English with the next characteristics:

– Membership:
o People can register in the page and be an user of the website.
o It has to be easy to register, with name, surname, email, and password (password confirmation included) is enough.
o Mail confirmation is a must.
o Each user has to have the option to edit their profile with the next camps: profile photo, option to upload a CV, city where they live, studies, profession and age.
o Each user has to have a valuation system with 5 stars and comments, people can put comments in the other user profiles and valuate with the stars system (later I explain why the star system).
– Pages:
o Modern template and easy to use.
o Main page: includes the name and the logo of the site, with a menu in the top side and a phrase that I chose in the front. Going down in the page we will put a how it works section explaining in a easy way how Works the web page. An option to add some products of woocomerce and best valuated users in the page.
o First page: In this page users can make posts. These posts will contain a picture and character limits. They will be categorized, i can create the categories. Users will have an option to contact with the post maker completing a form that will contain a space to write whatever the user want, and an option to upload files with a maximum megabyte quantity.
Once people have sent the answer messages to the post writer, this last can choose some users (between the users who answered him/her) to be part of his “Project”. After this, the chosen people and the admin will have a private “forum” for them, where they can publish their ideas. We will give them some default tittles.
o Second page: This page will work like a ecommerce site, but is not exactly a ecommerce. Users could publish a product, they will put he product description, pictures, characteristics… but they will publish without Price. The buyers can contact with the seller and they specify the product that they exactly want (because it will be a variation of the product that the seller is selling). When they specify the product, the seller will give them a quotation, with the final characteristics and Price, in the characteristics they will include they payment terms. After this the buyer will do the payment( depending the payment terms it could be half of the payment before to get the product and the other half when it is finished).My page, will get a commission of these payments, 15% of the payment. Maybe we can insert an insurance option for the seller and the buyer, like these if someone doesn´t pay or give the product correctly we can pay them money back. This we would talk about it later. In this part is important that every seller will have a star valuation system like I have explained before.

o Third and last page, this will be a normal ecommerce, here only the admin of the page can sell products. I would choose what products would be selling here. I would find my suppliers. I would want that automatically when someone buy something, to send and email with the generated PO to my supplier, like this I would get a commission without any work. I don’t know if it is possible to redirect a part of the payment to my bank account and the other part to the supplier account. If it is not possible I would make it manually.

This is all, I would give more information about the page once that I have chosen a WordPress developer.

Andoni Azkonobieta
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