Development of an image-focused webpage

Hello! We are looking to build the following. We can provide complete design renderings, fonts, colors, and all images – just looking for the right developer to bring it all to life.

1) Allows users to subscribe and gives them a username, password, and access to their own dashboard
2) Contains 1-10 photo galleries with up to 5k total photos in a nice looking grid format. Users should be able to browse the photos. When they click on a photo it should expand and offer a panel to the right of the larger photo with some text (photo credits).
3) Users need to be able to favorite photos and see them in a separate area
4) Website will include a form where users can submit questions about particular photos
5) We need to have some basic data analytics – how many users, which photos are saved most often
6) Photos need right click protection (we understand this doesn’t limit people from screen shots but would like to include it)
7) Photos need to load quickly and smoothly and look great!
8) We can supply to-scale graphic mockups of the site including all colors, fonts, and any graphics we need
9) We can do the photo uploading and add photo text, although ideally there would be a way to batch upload
10) Open to any APIs or plugins that would make things easier and look good.
11) Open to hourly or project based
12) On a quick timeline to turn this around and would like to start ASAP!

Design League Co.
Job Type
San Francisco
Open based on complexity
How to Apply
Via email