Engineering Manager – Remote

Are you an inspirational, forward-thinking, and people-centric seasoned senior engineering manager?
Do you excel at transforming vision and strategy into results?
Have you led other engineering organizations to achieve the next level of excellence during the growth phase of the business life cycle?
Are you pragmatic with an unshakable focus on strategy, execution, and results?
Do you have depth and breadth in leading SaaS product development?
If you answered yes to these questions, we are sure this position will sound super exciting to you. ?
Keep reading for more details!

If you answered yes to these questions, we are sure this position will sound super exciting to you.

Keep reading for more details!

Become Our Engineering Manager!
As our engineering manager, you will be responsible to empower your team to successfully deliver sprint objectives.

You will help them to grow, and choose the right technical direction. You will guarantee the quality of our code base, and make sure that what is delivered meets the expectation of the product direction.

You will spend approximately 60% of your time on engineering and 40% on coaching. These activities and timings are a guideline, it is acknowledged that on a week-to-week basis there will be variations driven by the needs of the business.

What You Will Be Doing:

Here is a list describing the tasks involved in this position (do you happen to like making lists? So do we!):

  • Empower your team to successfully deliver sprint objectives
  • Increase team culture and collaboration between developers
  • Taking leadership on technical choices
  • Pushing high-quality code
  • Contribute to continuously improving our code base through new features and bug fixes development
  • Day-to-day sprint work in order to provide technical leadership, set priorities, empower team to make decisions, drive continuous improvement, keep team focused and moving forward, empower team to deliver sprint objectives and quality
  • Collaborate with Product team, other teams, and manager to plan sprints
  • Develop team’s technical expertise and mastery
  • 1:1s and Performance assessments
  • Hiring

What Do You Need To Excel at This Job:

  • Previous experience with coaching and leadership
  • Previous experience with Scrum
  • Deep knowledge of PHP
  • Experience with web applications at scale (hundreds of thousands of users)
  • Bonus: knowledge of WordPress
  • Bonus: knowledge of Python
  • Bonus: knowledge of NodeJS

Do you want to know two other things we appreciate about our candidates?

  • A startup mentality.
    You are doer, you are adaptable and you like to evolve in a fast-paced environment.
  • Previous remote job experience.
    Slack will be your virtual office, where all the life of the company takes place.
  • The involvement in the WordPress community.
    We support our teammates to attend and/or speak at WordCamps and volunteer within the community.

What Else You Should Know About Our Company: WP Media
Founded in 2014 in the beautiful Lyon, France, WP Media is an equal opportunity employer with a distributed team of +35 teammates living around the world.
We are best known as the creators of WP Rocket, but we also developed Imagify and RocketCDN.

Do We Share the Same Values?

Mutual respect, collaboration, and inclusivity.
These are the fundamental values that support our life as a team.

Healthy balance between work and private life.
We encourage our employees to enjoy their family and hobbies with flexible working hours and minimum vacation policy. There are no time cards to stamp, only customers to make happy and friendly teammates to work with! We care about the work you do, not about the hours you sit at your desk.

Transparent culture.
We have a public salary grid. Once a year, when the company does well, we share our profits with the team in the form of bonuses.

Perks and benefits.
We want the people on our team to feel that they always receive what they need to shine.
This is why we offer:

  • Budget for setting up your home office
  • Monthly budget for your remote-work expenses
  • Free books and Kindle

We like to see each other in person whenever possible.
Every year, we organize a trip with the whole team and spend a week of coworking and fun activities together.
To give you an idea, so far we have traveled to Spain, Portugal, and Mexico. Now that we’ve told you so much about us, it’s your turn.

Let us know why you would like to become our Engineering manager and why you think you are the person we are looking for.
We can’t wait to receive your application!

WP Media
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Full Time
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