Experienced WordPress Developer

As a WordPress Developer, you’re responsible for applying fundamentals of WordPress to make websites more data-driven. You will build infrastructure to create new features, improve existing code, squash bugs, and help us rapidly scale our platform.

Key Responsibilities (not limited to):

* Building new features and functionalities
* Creating plugins from scratch for marketing, content, commerce needs
* Creating custom blocks and block patterns in Gutenberg editor
* Maintain well-documented, reusable, and transferrable code
* Troubleshoot and resolve website bugs and errors


* 5+ years of professional experience with WordPress plugin development, architecture, and standards
* In depth experience working with WP core including actions, filters, hooks, classes, custom post types.
* Advanced proficiency with PHP and MySQL, including modern PHP practices (OOP, autoloading, namespacing, traits, interfaces, etc).
* Strong familiarity with JavaScript and related frameworks (vanilla JS, ReactJS, ES6, etc).
* Ability to use and extend build tools like webpack.
* Familiarity with package managers such as Composer and NPM.
* Experience working with third-party APIs (Eg Razorpay, Hubspot, MailChimp, Zapier, etc).
* The ability to iterate and ship ideas quickly.
* Exceptional troubleshooting skills.
* Ability to keep complex ideas and features simple.
* Have experience working on a large-scale system. Making it faster, more scalable, and fault-tolerant.
* Are knowledgeable about design patterns and testability; having experience with testing frameworks, performance testing and unit testing is very welcome.
* Are thoughtful about product design, with good user experience instincts.

The Humane Club
Job Type
Full Time
New Delhi, India
How to Apply
Via email