Frontend Developer

We’re looking for a passionate, talented front-end engineer with an eye for detail. The ideal candidate should consider himself or herself, mid-level or senior-level. This position is fully remote and requires that you will bring your own gear (i.e. computer).

We’re a close knit international crew that highly values strong teamwork, initiative, and quality. Working closely with our visual design team, you will work alongside our technical team to review, build, and maintain websites and APIs for high-profile clients from the United States and Europe. Your daily routines will include:

– Work on WordPress, Shopify, and React.js websites
– Maintain existing codebases or build entire websites
– Work on assignments together with teammates or solo
– Build websites based on Figma design specifications
– Push and pull changes using Git
– Push and pull pixels using CSS – until layouts are perfect
– Implement APIs using REST/GraphQL (if you are qualified)
– Fix bugs in existing codebases
– Attend conversations in Slack

# Requirements

– At least 3 years of relevant professional experience
– Git repo with code examples or portfolio of works
– Strong PHP, JavaScript, and CSS skills
– Able to write JavaScript without reliance on jQuery
– Pixel perfect design-to-code implementations
– Experience using Git (mostly just push and pull)
– Must be located between timezone GMT-9 to GMT+9
– Must speak and write fluent English
– Write readable and functional code
– Eager to learn and do research
– Great work ethics and attitude
– Keen eye for detail

# Good to Haves

– Experience with WordPress Theme and Plugin development
– Experience with WordPress Gutenberg development
– Experience with Shopify development
– Experience with React.js, Gatsby.js, and Next.js
– Experience with ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) features
– Experience with Asynchronous JavaScript
– Experience with GraphQL, MySQL, and REST APIs
– Experience with Composer for PHP
– Experience with Node.js, NPM, and Webpack
– Experience with Figma or Sketch
– Experience with headless CMS implementations
– Willing to teach fellow programmers
– Good at documenting code

# Benefits

– Define how many hours you want to work per week (min. 16h/week)
– Make your own schedule and complete your hours when you want
– Easily take time off when you need to
– Flat organization structure
– Friendly and goodhearted teammates

# Compensation

Negotiable, based on experience ($20/h–$55/h).

# Application Deadline

Open until filled.

Job Type
Part Time
Anywhere (Remote)
How to Apply
Via email