Full Stack WordPress Developer

Do Good Design Co is a small agency working with purposeful organizations. Our projects are fun, meaningful and challenging. We are seeking a full stack WordPress developer with the skills listed below.

Please follow these instructions to apply:
Send an email with the subject “Full stack WordPress developer from WordPress.net”
Explain why you are qualified for each skill and which skills you do not possess or need work on.
Send examples of relevant code. This is important.

Most important:

  • STRONG frontend skills. Great understanding of proper CSS organization, BEM naming, etc.
  • True understanding of semantic HTML.
  • Moderate PHP skills. Understand the basics including DRY, code organization, etc.
  • Great understanding of WordPress best practices, code style, hooks and filters, template parts, common plugins, etc. Just generally deep experience with WordPress.
  • Experience coding themes from scratch or from a basic starter, in code is a must. Not someone who has mostly only started from prebuilt themes or page-builders.
  • Ability to property export assets from Figma for development use. Intelligently plan out how things are going to come together so assets are exported properly.
  • Very strong English.

Others, roughly in order of importance:

  • Decent design eye. Enjoys and keeps up on good web design. Can reasonably do things like adapt desktop layouts to responsive, build inside pages based on a homepage design. Strong eye for detail in terms of things like consistent spacing, typography, etc. without too much hand-holding.
  • Experience with WPMUDEV Hub site management. Managing backups and updates safely.
  • Managing and maintaining a staging environment to test changes. Managing deployment safely.
  • Strong Woocommerce experience including core, subscriptions, and other add-ons.
  • Experience with Oxygen Builder would be nice. I am building my first site with it now and might be using it more in the future.
  • Experience with The Events Manager plugin. I have one client using it heavily and could use some help offloading that.
  • A big plus is someone with experience using the Sage theme.
  • ACF skill
  • Gutenberg block development (from scratch or using ACF or similar)

Thank you!

Do Good Design Co
Job Type
Part Time
How to Apply
Via email