Full Stack WordPress Developer

About Us
We’re a hard-working, high-energy, 16-person remote team on a mission. Our pet magazine sites include DoggieDesigner.com, Excitedcats.com, and others.

We help millions of readers every month and our audience is growing daily, and we also recently launched a new modern, high-end cat furniture brand that runs on WooCommerce.

About the Position
We’re looking for a talented full-time WordPress developer to take ownership of all web development-related aspects of our sites. You will be responsible for:

Site-wide design and functionality (creating the best user-experience)
Website maintenance (regularly updating plugins, themes, WordPress versions)
Innovating (How can we make the user experience better? A new plugin? New automation?)
Troubleshooting issues
Miscellaneous tasks (optimizing for Google’s Core Web Vitals page speed, etc.)
You’ll be working autonomously—empowered to take initiative and work on the things that you think are most important. It’s a relationship built on trust. You’re the expert, so you know best what’s most important to work on. This is NOT a position where you will be trained or told what to do.

Until now, we have worked with dozens of great freelance web developers, but constantly hiring and instructing web developers on how we work and what we like is ineffective, and makes it impossible for us to become the biggest, most helpful pet company.

We’re now looking to find the person who will get to intimately know our business inside-out, and be passionate about improving the lives of pet owners worldwide.

You MUST have expert-level skills in WordPress. You can code a plugin from scratch, debug errors, optimize a site for speed, etc.

The following are non-negotiable requirements for the position:

You must be an expert in WordPress, and have experience with Elementor and Gutenberg
You must be an expert in HTML, CSS, PHP, and JS
Basic English communication skills
Basic understanding of SEO
Self-motivation: you must be a hard worker that sets the bar REALLY high. We are extremely picky when it comes to our web design.
A great communicator with serious respect for deadlines.
Ideally, you’re a master of both frontend and backend web development; however, being a really good backend web developer is most important. Do plugins affect loading speed? Please answer this in your cover letter. We work with graphic artists, so if you can communicate your ideas with them, and implement their work, then this should be manageable.

Job Type
Full Time
$3500 – $5000 per month
How to Apply
Via web form