Full-Stack WordPress Developer / Administrator

Miolay is seeking a Senior WordPress Developer & general WordPress Jack-of-all-trades, to take ownership of our WordPress ecosystem, including management, functionality, optimization, security, and performance. You’ll be responsible for the end-to-end administration of a dozen niche WordPress websites. You’ll work under the Product Team, and collaborate regularly with content, SEO and marketing teams to expand, improve and optimize websites, as well as partnering with our project team to coordinate development and implementation of custom plugins, third-party integrations and large-scale projects.

We want someone who knows how to manage, administer and optimize WordPress websites, can help us move quickly with projects and optimizing the environment for our teams, and can help deliver a constantly improving experience for our customers. If this sounds like you, we would love for you to join our team!

Your Core Responsibilities

Ownership — You’ll manage over a dozen high-volume WordPress websites like they were your own, from taking care of all regular tasks, to working closely with the Product Team for larger projects

Web Support — Supporting and optimizing productivity of internal stakeholders, including operations, content, marketing, SEO, and business development via WordPress/WooCommerce improvements, optimizations, added functionality, identifying fixing bugs and assisting with training.

Smart Solutions — Identifying issues, bottlenecks, or needs within our WordPress environment, planning and strategizing smart solutions, and skillful and efficient implement. For example, knowing the right third-party plugin to integrate instead of developing a custom solution, or knowing what settings to change to resolve an issue.

Tweaks & Improvements — Taking care of minor Front-End and Back-End development tasks.

Collaboration with Product Team — Work with and provide guidance to our Product Team of Senior Developers, UX/UI Designers and Content Team for projects relating the websites.

Security — Monitoring and constantly improving the security of our websites and systems from both internal and external threats.

Bugs — Using the strongest bug-killing spray to identify and terminate any bug that you find… Also, working with stakeholders, customers or partners to identity and fixing bugs.

DevOps — Taking care of minor DevOps work, including optimizing and troubleshooting issues within the server environment or database, from compatibility & and configuration, to security and performance.

Optimization — Work on constantly optimizing our WordPress/WooCommerce websites and growing databases

Misc. Tasks — Managing other misc. tasks and regular duties, including but not limited to Domain & SSL Administration, CDN configurations and optimization.

Job Type
Full Time
How to Apply
Via web form