Global B2B tech product website project

Stated simply, we have assembled a fairly stock Avada site with Fusion Builder to get alignment internally. We like the way WooCommerce can present our products online, though we have no plans to use it to do ecommerce, just present different products to visitors in a dynamic way that can also show related products to choose from.

We are now looking for project help over the next 2-3 months to complete build-out of the site so it can be launched. More than just getting the site out, the usual optimization of the dozens of plugins is in-scope, along with country-specific content (Korean, Japanese, German, Spanish, Vietnamese…), as well as helping select the best means of displaying technical product content to our audiences.

We are a B2B company focused on the telecommunications industry, a boring but important audience of target accounts. 70% of our revenue comes from outside the USA, so simple will be better than complex. Having a consultant collaborate face to face in our Oakland CA office is a must. It would not need to be every day, and could even be one day per week, we just know there is value in realtime collaboration in person.

Thanks in advance for considering this project, as our goal is to be very easy to work with, and eager to learn how to do the “small stuff” so our development partner can focus on the higher-value development.

Job Type
Oakland, CA
Not to exceed $9K per month
How to Apply
Via web form