Knowledge commerce platform builder – with case study coaching portal

The main purpose of this online coaching portal is to provide a state of the art knowledge commerce platform to a broad target group. This platform should be generic, user-friendly and easily adaptable and preferably based on a Content Management system with different access levels.



  • Please use only the given contact email address for questions or applications and do NOT contact our company or stalk our project manager, her LinkedIn Profile or other email addresses, just to get in touch with us! Applicants who do NOT comply with these rules will be disqualified and marked as spammers in our database, hence also loose any further opportunities for future projects.
  • Please answer and deliver the 4 points/ questions of the requirements document one by one as described in the document. Our project manager will grant you to proceed from one step to another. In order for us to be fair and compare and select the winner of this project, we need you to provide the requested information.
  • Please understand that we receive many requests and can NOT hold any calls with applicants, prior to the delivery of the questions and the official offer. First calls might be organized after you proceed to step 3., so please provide your contact details in the official offer and our project manager will get in touch with you, as soon as you and your company make it to the top 3 of all applicants.
  • Please understand that if you or your company are unable to comply with these rules, we will disqualify you from the application process and your application will not be considered.

We seek a long-term partnership with a small team of top-notch developers, preferably a small agency with a proven track record of similar scaled projects in their portfolio.

This team should be capable of:

  • providing in-house project management,
  • be fluent in English (spoken & written),
  • be familiar with agile project management techniques,
  • communicate with our project manager and product owner on a weekly basis,
  • further analyze and refine our requirements in their initial offer,
  • provide a team of full-stack web developers to start and develop this online software,
  • quality control and run acceptance tests of every developed milestone,
  • and last but not least be passionate about coding!
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