Looking for a serious WordPress Developers

We are Kainelabs, the creators of the plugin Youzer, and we are looking for new expert developers to join our team :


As a WordPress Developer, you’re responsible for Making Stuff Go. You will build infrastructure to create new features, improve existing code, squash bugs, and help us rapidly scale our products.

Skills we are looking for ?

– Professional experience with WordPress plugin development, architecture, and standards.
– Advanced proficiency with PHP and MySQL, including modern PHP practices (OOP … ).
– Strong familiarity with JavasScript, jQuery …
– Competent with version control through git and GitHub.
– The ability to iterate and ship ideas quickly.
– Exceptional troubleshooting skills.
– Ability to keep complex ideas and features simple. (Simplicity is a core value!)
– Previous freelance or remote work experience.
– Excellent communication skills (As this is remote).
– Excellent attention to little details.


Salary for this position is completely dependent on your experience, technical skills, how well you can help us tackle the outcomes for this position and the competencies you can display as a member of this team. This is something we’re happy to discuss once you’ve gotten further along in the application process.

But keep in mind that we provide a :

– Competitive Salary that will keep growing by your performance and the growth of the company as well.
– Rewards for the best performing developers ( Cash, Electronics, Tickets to an event, Time Off … ).
– Hidden Surprises.

How to apply?

As you will notice our main product is based on BuddyPress plugin, so we need people that can deal with BuddyPress code and as a small test please consider sending the solution snippets of these requests below with your submission or we cannot answer you back. you can host your snippets on Github.

1. Create a snippet that will create a new tab in the BuddyPress profile page with name “test” and tab content should be “test”.

2. Create a snippet that will change BuddyPress profile “activity” tab slug into “wall”.

Ex: instead of www.yoursite.com/members/username/activity it should be : www.yoursite.com/members/username/wall

3. Create a snippet that will allow changing BuddyPress profile tabs title and order.

Please send an email to admin@nullkainelabs.com with subject [ Youzer – WordPress Developer ] with the following details :

1. Your experience with WordPress plugin development.
2. Tell us a bit about yourself and why you should be considered. Details about your experience, qualifications, personality, etc are very helpful.
3. Tests Snippets Links on Github.

After reviewing the snippets we will contact you to discuss further details about the job. Also note, don’t forget to proofread before submitting. Check spelling, capitalization, etc. This is your chance to make your application stand out 🙂

Stay safe.

Best Regards, Kainelabs CEO.

Job Type
Full Time
Fully Remote
How to Apply
Via email