Hi Jobs.WordPress,
I was wondering if you take custom requests? I recently bought a suite of Native React products and I made a diagram that is dependency agnostic.

The main issue is that I bought the official WCFM App in React so I am a little stuck on the difference in explaining how I have a suite of React Apps, a React PWA, and a mobile first framework for react with some outlets that depend on Akeneo for exporting.

The Akeneo Platform with WordPress and WooCommerce are separate and is respective to a single instance, I am hoping that Crocoblock can utilize WordPress and WooCommerce functions as a plugin to Elementor.

I also use Elementor and Crocoblock but need custom work to integrate them into the Native React framework which comes with WordPress and WooCommerce separately, but needs a custom front end job anyways.

The Akeneo Platform should still be integrated with WordPress and WooCommerce respectively, but AffiliateWP and Clickstudios are also compatible under Elementor and Crocoblock, just like WCFM is for importing.

I use the Akeneo Integration to cover the whole PHP fields with Akeneo Blog and Contents and export everything from there. I mainly want to import them with Elementor, Crocoblock, AffiliateWP, and ClickStudios.

I have more details on the WooCommerce Custom Payment Gateway and the Discounting The Payment Gateway, but I hope to get in touch with you soon.

Thank you for your time.

Jonathan Jeung

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Full Time
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