Media Buyer & Digital Advertising Strategist

About Rapyd

Rapyd leads the industry by providing the fastest managed WordPress cloud hosting in the world. We’re seeking an exceptional Media Buyer and Digital Advertising Strategist to join our team. This role is crucial in driving our advertising efforts across Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms, focusing on strategy, optimization, and analytics.


Strategic Planning: Develop and implement comprehensive advertising strategies aligned with Rapyd’s marketing objectives to ensure maximum brand visibility, quality impressions, engagement, and increased sales across multiple channels, including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.
Ad Creatives and Copywriting: Collaborate with the Rapyd creative team to produce eye-catching ad content that resonates with our target audience and adheres to each platform’s best practices.
Budget Management: Efficiently allocate and manage the advertising budgets across multiple campaigns to achieve optimal results and ROI.
Audience Targeting: Utilize advanced ad targeting and consumer behavior options on platforms like Google and Facebook to reach specific demographics, ensuring campaigns reach the right audience for maximum impact and business growth.
Performance Analysis: Regularly monitor and analyze campaign performance, providing insightful reports and recommendations for optimization to achieve and exceed key performance indicators (KPIs).
Campaign Setup and Optimization: Develop, implement, and optimize paid media campaigns to ensure maximum ROI and company satisfaction.
Communication: Maintain regular communication with internal teams to provide updates on campaign performance, discuss strategy, and address any concerns or questions.
Reporting: Generate detailed performance reports, highlighting key metrics, insights, and recommendations for future campaigns.
Collaboration: Work closely with internal teams to ensure cohesive campaign execution and alignment with company goals.
Market Research: Stay updated on industry trends, platform updates, and the competitive landscape to ensure campaigns leverage the latest best practices and innovations.

Must Have

Proven experience managing digital advertising campaigns with a track record of successful outcomes.
In-depth knowledge of ad platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, and others.
Experience in digital marketing with a media sales/planning approach.
Experience with online media buying and selling processes.
Excellent organizational, problem-solving, influencing, and presentation skills.
Exceptional creativity and an eye for compelling visual content.
Experience with broader digital marketing channels.
Strong analytical abilities to interpret campaign data, identify trends, and optimize performance.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills to effectively interact with internal teams.
Ability to manage multiple accounts and tasks simultaneously, with strong organizational skills.
Proficiency in using various advertising platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and others.
Experience in cold email marketing, email marketing, and creating email sequences is a plus.


Experience in developing advertising strategies and optimizing campaign performance.
Experience in promoting SaaS companies.
Experience working in a startup environment.
Ability to set goals, develop strategies to achieve them, and understand how to make those strategies work effectively.
Strong understanding of how to scale advertising to gain significant traffic and conversions.
Previous experience in cloud hosting or working in a hosting company is required.

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Job Type
Full Time
How to Apply
Via web form