Modifications the checkout

Job description.
We need to create some discretion for our customers and also payment service provider. Since we are selling sensitive products.
In essence the product name must be altered from what is displayed on the product page. The alias name should be passed on trough the payment service provider while the real name should stay visible for the customer in chart. (and ideally also during checkout)
Once a customer clicks on the checkout button it should open the checkout page on a different domain. This domain has a different url but the same website style as the main website. (just with different products) The domain that is used for the checkout needs to be a fully working website just with different products and logo.

Summarising tasks:
1. Create an alias name that is passed trough our PSP, while still showing the real name to the customer at all times. This needs to be setup easily for future other future products as well.
2. Create 2nd domain (basically copy of our website but with blank products)
3. Forward checkout of main site to 2nd domain.

We leave the final decision on how to accomplish this to the developer.

Here is some more information that I found how this can be accomplished:–VqmtCgXl3bGzJoXeGKe5JxS-9R4

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