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The American Professional Performing Artists Registry and Tools is my sites name.
already have the URL.
Service provider is digital ocean.
currently working on setting up woo commerce.
Security still needs to be set up properly. along with memberships. working with twenty seventeen child theme. need graphics for entire site.
it will require plugins and theming. It must be able to handle private messaging between registered clients as well as a job board for clients to hire and get hired. it must also create individual websites for all registered members to use as electronic resumes and offer each user a blog space as well as a fan page. registered users will be able to sell their products on their sites and can be searched by talent. tools will begin with a production software the tacks everything from load up to return inclusive of every aspect of live or film production including build were necessary. Productions will also include for production and head staff, financials so they can keep an eye on costs. it will also need to allow for electronic classes to be created and offered both for a charge and for free. The premise being that I want to make it easier for the new arts professional to enter the industry as well as to engage the those already in the industry.
the main store will be for drop shipment of any goods for the performing arts and will need to be setup to contact the suppliers with ease.
I am not greedy and don’t know what to expect coming in from this venture. I am banking on sales through the store, a small percentage the client stores and a small percentage through the education sales. I will also be banking on a small percentage from Productions once productions is deemed viable by the artists. in other words the first use will be free. but it will generate more users in the industry out of necessity. because they will need to be contacted through the site which will set up a plain Jane site for them and then require them to entire info about their expertise. if they are in a production production will be in their menu bar just below their header and will be visible only to them. they will also have limited access to the production scheduling device per their station in the production.
The performing arts industry until the corona virus was a 2.2 trillion dollar industry. I just want a small percentage of that value by givine the industry a one stop shop for all their needs.

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