NEED Graphic & Website Designer, Journalist/Editor, Photographer/Videographer, Sales team for ONLINE MAGAZINE

I’m starting an online Yoga Lifestyle magazine, blog, and more.

I will act as owner and creative director with ultimately the final approval before monthly release.

I am looking for a team of people that would LOVE to contribute to helping spread yoga and spirituality to the world freely, for better peace and well being to all mankind.

This is a chance to be part of the solution and live a dream job creating and developing an online spiritual magazine.

This magazine will have a few specific categories dealing with spirituality, but with the main focus on yoga living and providing free informative and educational content.

I will build a team of as little or many people needed to complete each job duty quickly, efficiently, professionally, and with enthusiasm. A new magazine cover, articles, content, etc will need to change monthly, so this will be a consistent job with working 6-8 issues months ahead, to keep archive as well as allow for time restraints and up to date add ins.

Job Positions:
– Graphic Designer
This person will be in charge of the overall visual design. I will send them ruff draft photoshop files along with my concept, idea, direction etc and it will be up to them to pro-actively create artistically the visual design layout of the website. This includes, but is not limited to, home page, article page, about us page, contact page, etc… We will first design a magazine style template layout of the website pages visually, so in the future, it is simple to add fresh cover photos and easily inputing content like other photos, videos, articles, etc…

– Website Designer
This person will take the final photoshop visual images for each page and hand code an extremely lights, fast, and efficient website layout. This person will also be in charge of picking the best hosting, security measures, international legality measures, website design, function, and updating/upgrading everything on the host/website end to insure the evolving internet rules, regulations, and advancements. This site is to be monitored, maintained, and kept up to date by professional and modern day standards. This also includes being compatible with desktops, retina screens, iPads, iPhones, etc… This will also include website optimization and SEO optimization and anything that has to to with building the website, getting it online, and getting it visible to search engines.

Journalist- This person will have a passion for journalism. This includes writing articles on specific topics regularly. This includes interviews and reviews of people, places, and things determined by director. This person will create consistent professional content that will be given to graphic/web designer for optimization and uploading. This person will also be in charge of editing freelance article and content given to them by director.

Editor- Ideally this person would also be the Journalist but can be a separate job title. This person will be in charge of the final check for editing of the website. This includes written content editing for grammar, spelling, etc. as well as overall double checking the entire website visually and esthetically. Basically, this person will be in charge of the final “polish” so to speak. The last eyes to view the entire magazine before approving and handing over to director for final approval. This person will check in “notes” of potential adjustments to director for final assessment.

Photographer- This person will have their own professional equipment and gear and be responsible for overall photos needed for the magazine. It would be ideal if they also did videography and editing. This will include, but not limited to, cover photo shoots, on location photoshoots, interview photos, product shoots, content concept planning and more. It is mandatory that the photographer be skilled at photo editing. All photos will be edited first by the photographer, then optimized for web using graphic designer/website designer specs for fast site loading etc.

Videographer- This person will have their own professional equipment and gear. It would be ideal if they did photography as well. They will be in charge of shooting and editing all material to director specs and graphic/website designer needs for online optimization. They will do studio shoots, on location shoots, and deal with interviews and more.

This person will be the lead sales associate. They will have a strong and professional communication skillset and will ideally be fluent in both English and Hindi. English mandatory but a second language is not needed, but highly appreciated. They will be in charge of cold contacting people, organizations, business, etc to solicit advertisement sales, donations, and more. They will also be in charge of emails that come through from the website for online advertisement. The magazine will have a multiple featured persons, organizations, facilities, etc, each month and it will be the sales associates number one priority to contact specific people, organizations, etc that director specifies, as well as being proactive and creating their own potential sponsors, donors, and advertisement clients. The magazine will run off volunteers, donators, sponsors, and paid advertising clients, so it will be the soul responsibility for the sales associate to be able to close sales and create leads to keep income consistently coming to magazine.

Final words:
First and foremost this is NOT a job for someone that just wants money or a job. This intention and passion for this online spiritual magazine is to provide FREE content, information, and educational material about yoga and spirituality for THE HEALTH AND WELL BEING OF ALL MANKIND. This is the goal. Creating income from this comes secondary. Ideal candidates will have a strong belief in serving others, creating space for others to heal and evolve towards self realization, a strong team “solution” mindframe, humbleness, and integrity.

ONLY RESPOND IF YOU 100% want to be part of healing this world by being the change to help all mankind feel peace and wellbeing. DO NOT respond to this without reading fully what the overall objective is. I do not want to receive spam email from people that have no clue what I have written. This is for awake, consciously, energetic, and selfless people only who have been waiting for an opportunity just like this.

Please include in your first paragraph what position(s) you would like to apply for, why, what experience you have, and why you want to be a part of this online magazine.

If this online magazine continues to be sustainable, it will be a job can can last a lifetime.

Om Shanti*

Job Type
Full Time
How to Apply
Via email