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We have a plug-in or subroutine project which is basically translating our If-then logic of one part of WooCommerce sales tax analysis to code. The main element is whether an item-product is taxable in the state, with sections for the 50 states, DC and PR, although there may be about 30 sections total due to dups in logic. And we add some flag fields to the item-product file to keep the logic simple. (We can give you the full logic line-by-line.) Possibly this can be done in a compiled language, but it should be easily modifiable in the months and years ahead. Also it should be as close to English readable as possible.

btw, the existing plug-ins lack some needed capability here, although they are very strong in the geographical element, the thousands of jurisdictions, which is connected. We may also have some threshold calculations.

The second project has to do with pricing. This has more complexities, and we need good chemistry with the person involved. This involves a moving price feed where prices are compared to “spot” by percent or $ over. We also look at the vendor costs, one or two, trying to get proper feeds and avoid screen-scraping. We also look at competitors and have our own flex-marketing strategies, including sales. All this takes a “special set of skills.” You have to learn it manually first, and then apply your savvy to automation. Succeed on this, and you have an open door to a long-term relationship!

On top of the special projects, we are also looking for a part-timer to work in WooCommerce administration, including product descriptions, SEO and related areas.

If you are a good marketing person, PPC, Facebook, media, remarketing, etc and other areas like video, this can be a plus, but it is not a necessity. Those skills are appreciated, but not so hard for us to find.

Best contacts are:

TEXT to 520 442-3322 (Talkatone number) and
email to – subject line could say “ projects ”
LinkedIn contacts are also sensible, I am Steven Avery Spencer there.
You might also find me in Facebook, my nom de plume is Steven Avery, in the Woo groups.


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