Setup headles CMS


I started to setup WordPress as a headless CMS and got stuck as I have no previous experience.

The main objective is to allow non-technical people to be able to write blogs, announcements and supplemental pages such as About us, T&C’s and similar in multiple languages and with SEO data. Due to performance and search limitations, I intended to use WordPress purely as an authoring tool and retrieve the content via GraphQL by the backend server. The final structure is open for discussions and could change.

The requirements for the CMS are
– Additional categorisation of blogs (perhaps using Advanced Custom Fields)
– Multilingual support for content, custom fields, SEO metatags and SEO data in general
– Yoast SEO to support the author during writing the content as well as to add SEO data to the GraphQL responses.
– GraphQL delivering the content in a specific format.

I’m not looking for heavy development, but rather get the best out of WordPress using more or less standard functionality, As such the project is rather a small job.

If you have the experience and are available immidiately, please get in touch with me.

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