Simple E-commerce with ability to grow

Immediate need is a WordPress developer for products purchased in C-Stores, and C type stores. So convenience, gas stations, etc. I have Flatsome theme as I was told this is best for e-commerce WordPress. These are Delta-8 products branded with a Mardi Gras theme. This site needs to pretty much be a catalog type – and right now, products are only sold in these stores. So there needs to be a map (unless you have a better idea) that will show them where their closest place to buy is. This site will also act as a conduit for any marketing gimmicks we have going throughout the year. “Enter coupon code to see if you’ve won” etc etc. Being that these are hemp derived products, we need some how for a customer to take a pic of the QR code in the package and it pull up the test reports we have for that QR code. The backend is where it might get tricky … I need 2 portals .. ‘distributors’ .. ‘stores’ .. each will be able to make purchases at their pricing structures (different pricing for each depending on quantity, etc), hopefully something that connects me to my manufacturing sources, etc, for inventory – automatic ordering if available. And probably more as we go along further with these stores etc

These backend things are not crucial right now but will be in the near future.

If you have experience in cbd/hemp/-ish industry you’ll know some more standard things I’m leaving out. Like legal jargon, etc – I’ll have my attorney look it over before we publish but there’s standard warnings etc that I’m forgetting.

– this is the first of a line of development I need done over the new few months or more. All things intertwined

EB Acres - Hemp Derived Products
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