site support and WordPress development

This is in MY opinion the very least of what needs to be done

Please pardon my rough assessment but this is what I think I need is our web site but it lacks basic structural integrity

our landing page is being indexed by Google but is the other key pages being indexed by goggle ?

this page as you said can be well used as an entry and link back to the main site but there are not links back to the web site

our backlink starts here

access to the codes

I will also send another email with access to the where these files

Initially we thought that there we had to

Review the page headings and tags and phrases – in line with the attached file

get the entire site updated to the current version of WordPress

and we see that many pages load slowly but want them to load infinitely faster

we are a start-up family company and we commissioned this site we could only afford a very incompetent web builder to do what we needed however their ability to think outside the square is very limited and they have not done most things we asked for

I would like to see us linked over all these platforms, IF we aren’t and that may mean inserting tracking codes on every page

One of my observations are

Google my business
Google maps
Google my ads
Google console
Google analytics

These sites PICK up from each other

• We do not want to start again but to polish what we have so that its significantly more google friendly
• Every page about 83 , I think need a quick look for any coding errors, Meta Title and Description, Header Tags, Image Tags, Speed Optimization)

• I think that the immediate focus should be on

• A speed of loading
• B Updated content and pictures
• C Each page would need a page title
• D Page description
• E Key words and phrases in keeping with the content withing the body so that the text is reflected

These pages require better immediate overall optimization


Maybe we can add a picture or a video in here

Clearly show a text that takes you back to the main site



4a this page needs to be the last in the group



Maybe we should add three more pages here !





The rest of the pages need

Text to be added – PDF attached ( MAYBE ) – and a between 2 to 4 pictures – much like this page

speed of loading

Updated content and pictures

Each page would need a page title

Page description

Key words and phrases in keeping with the content withing the body so that the text is reflected

• Search engine ranking optimized – at later stages , this has NO importance to me

Australian Mining Product and services poty limited
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Brisbane Australia
unknown as it is ogoing
How to Apply
Via email