Technical Content Writer

As s Technical Content Writer, you’re responsible for creating and editing content that uses complex terminology and requires a high level of knowledge to understand. They will ensure that all content is accurate, concise, and follows published best practices. They need strong research and technical writing skills, as well as experience with WordPress. The Technical Content Writer should be able to effectively translate technical data into comprehensive and easy-to-understand pieces. They will also be responsible for optimizing content for SEO and ensuring that all content meets quality guidelines.

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Technical Writing: You have a developed ability to write technical-focused content in a manner that is accessible and intuitive for readers. Your writing style is welcoming, straightforward, and free from jargon.

Self-Editing: You possess the ability to review and proofread your own work to a high standard, eliminating grammar and spelling errors without the need for an editor.

Time Management: You can manage multiple tasks and projects, prioritizing your work effectively to meet all deadlines.

Basic: You have proficiency in taking screenshots, resizing and cropping images, adding text, borders, or other elements, compressing images, and uploading and formatting them in WordPress to ensure they are clear, useful, and visually pleasing. You are able to use the text editor in WordPress to add link attributes and implement basic formatting of lists, subheadings, anchor links, etc.

Availability to participate in video meetings between the hours of 10 am – 7 pm IST.

Job Type
Part Time
Anywhere (Remote)
How to Apply
Via email