UX Backend Lead

Job Description

We are looking for someone to fill our Lead Backend WordPress Developer role.
This role naturally involves leading a team of devs, both frontend & backend, to add new features, improve the existing implementation, and fix bugs within our mature WordPress multisite instance.
The accepted candidate would ideally have experience working as a Team Lead.


The range for this position is between 30$ and 33$ hourly, depending on experience

time commitment

We are looking for an individual who can consistently commit around 10h per week.
Due to the nature of the work, this will likely be split up over the course of the week.
As a team, we aim to respond to messages within 24h Mon-Fri (of course faster is better), and as the team lead, guiding the team daily during the week is critical to keep everyone unblocked and moving forward.

the site

The site has 4000+ articles focussed on several programming languages and has been expanding to include subjects such as core CS topics. The site also has sales pages for courses.
We receive 12m+ page hits per month with around 2750 active visitors at peak.

The site consists of a mature WordPress multisite instance with a custom theme, several custom plugins, and many third-party plugins. Some of the notable plugins are:
Advanced Access Manager
W3 Total Cache
Experience with these is a plus.

The site runs on Cloudways with a hybrid apache/nginx setup.
We use Cloudflare extensively with several features configured and enabled.
Experience with those is a plus but we also have a DevOps team managing the bottom of the stack, though there is often a need for WordPress/PHP context in that area which is missing on the DevOps side.

We use npm/grunt a little for running tasks that build the theme and for a little bit of unit testing.

the organization

The accepted candidate would be joining the UX team which is one team amongst several, including teams focussed on DevOps, admin, marketing, courses, article authors, and editors. While the work is focussed on the UX side the accepted candidate would likely be liaising with members of those teams at times too.


management skills/experience
fairly strong abilities at both the frontend (HTML, CSS, JS) and backend (PHP)
strong knowledge of WordPress & popular plugins (multisite experience a plus)
team workflow level of git experience (we use bitbucket)
project management platform experience (we use jira)
good documentation skills
good time management
good organization skills


support both the frontend & backend members of the team, coordinating their effort towards completed features/fixes
code reviews
taking ideas from other team members or reported issues and creating well-defined and well-organized tickets
breaking up more complex tasks into separate components, eg. frontend, backend & admin
design solutions to approach problems
be responsible for updating new versions of the theme and custom plugins
take responsibility for our git workflow, eg. merging new features & fixes, making sure the commit history is clean, ensuring members of the dev team are following both standard practices and our internal practices
creating & updating the supporting docs for our workflow
creating & updating internal SOPs

– hiring

the UX Lead will be responsible for the hiring strategy for the UX dev team
they may undertake some hiring tasks themselves but will also delegate some of the tasks to the admin team where possible

optional plusses

Google Analytics
WordPress Multisite
Knowledge of the latest optimization/performance standards and techniques

To apply, send your CV to grant@nullbaeldung.com

Job Type
Part Time
$30-$33 hourly
How to Apply
Via email