Web designer/analytics

from prior web designer who didn’t have the skills to perform needed below:
Secure form submissions, including credit card payment authorization forms being the most important form.
Setting up a low-cost HIPPA-secured email service.
• Form submissions email confirmations successfully reaching Cara’s inbox.
• Responsive hero images (heads not being cut off when screen size changes)
• Menu remaining on one line, horizontally, at the top of site.
• Looking into a low cost option to add UCC/SAN SSL certificate. GoDaddy offers theirs. Not sure if is this is necessary or not.
Final Thoughts
I am not sure if this is an issue of the WordPress Page Editing area, theme-related, or something else, but I found there was a constant struggle for me when making edits in one view (Code editor) then viewing it in another view (Visual editor). Somewhere between the switch, WordPress would add additional code, or remove tags. I spent more time trying to fix those errors to make the page work/look as it was supposed to.

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