Web Designer/Developer

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Responsible for supporting the Director of Web Services and general campus community with development, design, and maintenance of the public dixie.edu website. Assist with the overall maintenance and design of the main campus website. Information about the Web Services team is online at https://webservices.dixie.edu/.

Help provide overall direction for the University’s website. Assist in total quality management of the site, including evaluation of links and usability.
Process day-to-day updates on the DSU website.
Work with campus committees and the Director/Web team to ensure the University’s website reflects the University’s vision, mission and goals.
Promote proper use of web standards and stay abreast of developing standards so University webpages are visually appealing and employ the latest formatting techniques.
Design, build, implement, and maintain websites using a variety of graphic software applications and programming languages.
Implement and create plugins, hooks and custom code for WordPress, the University’s Content Management System (CMS).
Present a consistent visual image on the University’s website by promoting uniform fonts, formatting, icons, images, layout techniques, and modularization, including maintenance of HTML template and image archives.
Determine appropriate compression techniques, resolutions, sizes, color maps, and depths to ensure that images – photographs and synthesized graphics – are delivered at sufficiently high speed and quality for intended output media.
Help create an easy, smooth and functional user experience by using creating and implementing User Experience (UX) Design.
Train campus web liaisons on CMS use.
Respond to campus users’ help requests.
Hire, train, and assist student web designers with assigned tasks as needed; work with the web team and web interns to be innovative and work within a team environment.
Perform other duties as assigned.

Dixie State University
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Full Time
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