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I am wanting to build a new WP site using an already purchased template.
This site is quite unique in the fact that it is a price comparison site with the ability to display multi vendors products on a pay-per-click basis.

Code is created to fetch vendors products via XML/CSV and displayed on my site. Each time a vendors product is clicked the user is redirected to the vendors own website.

The vendor is billed for each time their product is clicked.
The vendors must have their own admin section where they are able to see their click balance, pay and top up their clicks, view their products, add their preferred payment options, update their profile details and see monthly/weekly click reports and be able to download these reports via CSV.

I am looking for someone to help me develop this site for a % share of the company or an agreed fee which can be paid once the first few vendors have signed up. I already have 10+ vendors with over 1 million product listings that have indicated they will signup for this service. I have tried to use a freelancer but they wasted my time as they did not know what they were doing code wise. I am sure there are plugins that would make life easier which would probably require someone to customize. If this sounds like something that would interested please contact me. Further details and examples of similar sites can be provided. I have trawled through hundreds of plugins and well cannot find the correct one and places like Dokan and Rehub etc etc will not work as this site is a different kind of affiliate site.

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