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I am looking for a web designer/developer who can help creating my site using WordPress. I have screenshots of how I want it more or less. The website will be for publishing articles and texts mostly (not a blog, more like an online magazine). The site is pretty simple, but structure and the right feeling/identity is important (lines, colours etc). For an idea about what style I like, see The New Yorker.
There will be five pages, including payment methods, PayPal and Visa card, for donations.

One thing about the nameplate. When reader scrolls down, I would like the name to shrink, and into the abbreviation of the name. There is one cat on the last letter of the full name, which then switches over to the opposite angle on the first letter of the abbreviation. Alternatively, the cat “falls down” when nameplate shrinks and hangs on a letter. I have images.

Due to lack of time and back problems, I am outsourcing this task and would be happy to cooperate with somebody who has the necessary skills and can also present ideas and suggestions to achieve the right layout.
Including in this is incorporate content, subscribe form, SEO, submitting to Google for indexing, search engines optimisation, and mobile and iPad adapted etc.

Please do share your earlier work for samples if you can.

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you,

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