Website Developer/Consultant

Hello and thanks in advance for reading.

We would like to hire a web developer/consultant to develop a replicable solution for research and publishing work on specialized topics.

I would like to develop a tool/method for quickly launching content aggregation websites on specialized topics. These sites would integrate feeds from multiple sources (news, blogs, social) and content types (writtent, video, podcast etc…). Ultimately we would like to launch multiple sites ourselves and do this on a replicable basis but for now start with one and see how it goes.

Here is the workflow we imagine.

1. Domain Name: After identifying the topic of interest, we would purchase a Domain (e.g. AntiqueCars.Com or from a site like GoDaddy

2. Website: There would be an Off the Shelf Website Requiring Little or No Formatting. Ideally WordPress or something similar that we can click a button and it goes online and it is very easy to launch a site.

3. Aggregation: We would use a tool like Feedly or another Aggregator to create feeds and boards that integrate multiple sources of information (for example, on the topic of antique cars or hip replacements)

4. Link and Integrate with Site: Then we would build the bridge link between the aggregation tool backend and the website front end and the feeds and boards would feed into the website homepage and sub pages which are automatically updated on a daily or real time basis

5. Other: Other bells and whistles would be nice such as being able to add custom posts, add sponsorships/Ads, being able to have events calendar on that topic and others we can think of.

ID the best process, method and tools
If needed, build tool(s)
Test for one subject or instance
Ideally over time I or one of my team members will be able to do this ourselves

Ultimately being able to establish credible websites that aggregate topics on specialized topics.

Would love an estimate do figure this first one out and then be able to do more over time, preferably with my own staff because the programmer/consultant has helped us identify the best way to do this for ourselves.

Thank you.


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