WooCommerce Administration

WooCommerce Administration and Support

We have a part-time position for WooCommerce administration with WordPress. An unusual position in a fast-paced virtual business environment, where we try to meet in person occasionally, yet daily use the virtual tools to the max. We need a motivated, creative, quick learner who can help build our business. Start at 10-15 hours/wk and your solid contributions can move the hours up quickly. Our potential market is super-elastic so we look forward to phenomenal growth as our team functions smoothly. Our goal is to parley our history and reputation and skills and zeal to move right up to the top tier.

GSuite – Skype and Voip – WordPress – Quickbooks – Social Media and/or SEO – Live Agent – Phone Auto Attendant and much more We do have a talented gal (lady) who specializes in Social and email blasts with whom you will coordinate. Also you will coordinate with the Sales and WebSite departments.

Your gifts make a place, and programming is only an auxiliary, minor consideration. (We may use those skills, but they are not necessary.) Items like the following should sound like a challenge, not a wall. You should be able to be comfortable working in tandem on many (not all) of these items.

everything involving the WordPress-WooCommerce dashboard
help expand inventory items from current and new vendors
product description writing – or at least placement in the site
product pricing for 300+ items with tiered pricing (specialized familiarity training)
maintain and enhance, possibly develop, a specially designed inventory/pricing database system
work with our real-time pricing feed
image processing and optimizations using ShortPixel
quality control web-site testing – find glitches, frustrations – enhancements improvements
compare with our competitors to help make our bucket list
blog writing and/or proofreading

post-order customer order followup
solicit and place Customer reviews in strategic spots

telephone VOIP administration (currently 8×8, considering Nextiva and Vibe)
‘Live Agent’ administration (and take block of time)

contacts with web-sites in specialty areas, eg.
Constitutional, Libertarian, Christian, Prepper, Sound Money,
Natural Health, Homesteading circles

* possibilities *
after time, forays in sales (repeat, cold, phone and email response)
literature and conferences (e.g. the MoneyShow or any Sound Money conferences)
skills in SEO, PPC may be utilized
planning new projects (including additional websites)
video (YouTube and more)
coordinate web-site enhancement with excellent developer and some farmed out
watch the accounting flow of WordPress Quickbooks

We do have the security, speed and stability elements of WooCommerce well covered.


Teamwork brainstorming on Skype and some alternates is the norm, using video and screen-sharing. If you contribute thoughtfully and creatively to company vision, that is very excellent.

Full-time possibilities down the golden brick road, as we build up the volume of a business. Utilizing our excellent reputation and emphasis on customer service and integrity as key elements.

It is helpful if you understand the insecurity of wall-paper currency compared to real money assets. The industry is precious metals. Remember, Donald Trump (no political stance taken here) talked of hocking-devaluing the dollar years ago as the king of debt. On debt, we think any good insurance perspective will be careful of chickens coming home to roost. We feel we are doing a fine service for friends when we share basic economic sense.

Location: USA or Canada.

Please, use the 520 442-3322 Talkatone text number above, secondarily you can use the email. This will lead to quick voice discussions for earnest inquiries. And all earnest inquiries will be answered. All large-scale agencies and overseas-based help inquiries can expect a short brush-off. 🙂


Midwest Bullion Exchange
Job Type
Part Time
USA or Canada
start modest, prove skills, then move on up
How to Apply
520 442-3322 (SMS)