WooCommerce modification contract

Need to address some WooCommerce challenges with our farm website. See below.

-Automated Taxes – It’s been setup using WooCommerce Services and Jetpack but the option doesn’t show. It does show on an old version if I do the same thing. Apparently there’s a conflict somewhere but I haven’t been able to find it.

-Viewing all inventory transactions for a given item? Direct inventory changes either through WooCommerce or ATUM don’t record in any viewable transaction history. We want to see history any time inventory amounts are changed.
-Don’t capture charge until we trigger it so we can make changes to orders before processing payment. Orders used to require a “capture charge” event to process to Square. I enabled allowing people to save credit card payment info on their account and now it charges immediately. Not sure if those are related. Unfortunately if the payment has already processed we can non longer modify the order. We need to be able to modify orders prior to finalizing credit card payment.
-Attempt to allow customers to order catch weight products at a standard fee and then update to specific weights after picking. We are a farm that sells meat by weight. Currently for a roast for example we have variations for every 0.2 lbs with their own price. That works OK but we’d prefer to have them order a “Small Roast” for ~$10. They would submit the order as $10 for a small roast. We would then pick the roast, look at the actual weight and update to the actual price.

Future Projects…
-Restyling the store
-Preloading the cart for subscribers/variations
-Protecting inventory for subscribers

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