WordPress Debugging

I have a WordPress site that needs debugging.

The site is intended as a social hub for those interested in the issue of Intactivism. Anyone applying should be familiar with that issue and the Netflix documentary American Circumcision, and willing to work on a project intended for Intactivists. (Please indicate you read this part when you message us.)

Right now, we have a change-list for the site that we need someone to tackle. The site is 70-90% set-up, but it has multiple plugins, some of which are not interacting correctly with each other or experiencing technical issues.

This is more complex than a typical WordPress blog, as it is meant to have social networking features, online sales, forums, event listings, etc. Part of your job will be increasing security, stopping bots from attacking the site, and increasing moderation tools for contributors.

Your job would be to move down the change list and fix the various bugs the site is experiencing under the supervision of another developer who is already working on the site (but has a workload that prevents him from doing the entire project solo). He estimates you’d need 10 hours-ish of work to fix the various change-list items.

If interested, you’ll have to sign a non-disclosure. We are looking to get this done before mid-April, so contact as soon as possible.

Intact Movement
Job Type
$30-60 an hour
How to Apply
Via email