WordPress Developer for exciting startup

We are looking for a super talented CMS / WordPress Developer to create and manage an amazing online user experience to complement the products and services we will begin offering mid-next year.

The ideal candidate should have an eye for creating clean and artful websites and landing pages with superior UI/UX design skills. You must be a great team player who enjoys the process of collaborating with other team members to lead the process from sketch to fully implemented high-quality, beautiful, intuitive, and functional websites and landing pages.

Duties and Responsibilities

* Translate UI/UX design wireframes to actual code.
* Developing ideas for and implementing new features to enhance the user experience over time.
* Striking a fine balance between functional and aesthetic design.
* Bridge the gap between our existing graphic design and brand requirements and our back end developer team’s technical integration needs.
* Provide regular ongoing website maintenance and version enhancements.
* Building reusable, scalable code for future use and enhancement.
* Conducting website testing, QA, and bug fixing as needed.
* Ensuring website functions well and dynamically with stability across most popular devices today (desktop, mobile, tablet).
* Have a strong understanding of industry trends and content management systems such as WordPress or Joomla! to be able to manage and support fully customizable templates in an efficient and current manner.
* Working with marketing, strategy, and research teams to incorporate brand elements and relevant market research findings into the sites and pages.
* Maintaining brand consistency and requirements throughout all design.
* Collaborate with back-end developers and marketing teams to ensure web and app logic and tracking are properly integrated.
* Collaborate daily with Brand Manager for social media integrations.
* Strong understanding of SEO and landing page optimization.
* Ability to work remotely and independently from your chosen location while comfortable collaborating regularly with team members through scheduled video calls, and Slack &/or Signal for ongoing regular project communications.

Languages and Platforms

JavaScript or PHP
WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.


3 years minimum experience in CMS development.

Have a portfolio including websites built from scratch or from purchased pre-made templates that you customized for a project—both set up for scale to a large user base ideally in 2 or more languages.

Solid problem solving and interpersonal skills.

Excellent verbal communication skills in both English and Spanish.

Fast internet connection to support regular video calls with the team located around the world

Experience in web design isn’t necessarily needed but will be looked upon very favorably.

We are looking to find someone to become a long-term valuable member of our core team. The initial agreement would be project-based and focused on a 6 month to 1 year period of specific deliverables, with an initial 1 month paid trial period to best gauge mutual fit.

Compensation and performance-based bonus structure determined based upon experience and discussion with senior team members in charge of filling this position.

Harmony Group
Job Type
Part Time
How to Apply
Via email