WordPress Developing & Design

Who We’re Looking For:
You with coding skills, web development and WordPress knowledge, you will help us with the front-end and back-end development. You will work with existing plugins, and build custom solutions, and a problem solver who enjoys working with a proven track record of delivering outstanding results.

Even this is a job done remotely, you have to be able to work during Central European Time (CET).

* Excellent written and spoken English
* Great attention to detail, highly organized
* You enjoy, and have an excellent design eye
* Strong knowledge of WordPress platform, hooks & filters, code styles
* Excellent coding themes from scratch or from a basic starter, in code is a must.
* Excellent front- and backend skills.
* Strong understanding of HTML5 & CSS
* Good understanding of PHP and JavaScript
* MySQL and AJAX
* Be able to adapt desktop layouts to responsive, build inside pages based on design on a homepage.
* Great skills working with payment gateways, e.g. PayPal, Stripe
* You understand WordPress architecture, database and code optimization for WP skills
* Have knowledge in WordPress security, and optimization, and In-depth understanding of security considerations
* Ability to debug your own code and that of others
* Good skills on how SecureDrop and Tor technologies work
* A reliable workstation with a fast computer, microphone and speakers, reliable internet and power because you are going to be working remotely

You will also be responsible for maintaining our website site as well as some of our other sites, both internal and for our clients. You will need to keep them patched and updated with the latest releases, to make sure that they remain secure. You work with our writers to make sure that content is uploaded and displayed correctly.

To apply please send an email with the subject “WordPress developer”. Tell us why you are qualified for this job, and which skills you possess or not possess, needed to work on our project. If you have not received a reply back from us, please don’t resend us your job request, thank you!

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Job Type
Full Time
How to Apply
Via email