WordPress image submission, approval and display

We have a WordPress website and want to build something very similar to what’s here:

There are 3 distinct parts to this:
1. User submission: Ability for a user to upload media with related details (1 image, text describing the image, location and their name). We need to have validations for required fields and length of text. A thank you page is displayed after the submission has been received. Date of submission also needs to be recorded. This page needs to be *responsive* that is show properly across all devices. Important: User must be able to see the image they are uploading before submission (i.e. show the image and not just the file name).

2. Content moderation: Moderators will see the submission and have the option to approve or reject it. If rejected, the submission status needs to be updated from Pending to Rejected. If approved, we will update the submission status to Approved and display on an existing page within the WordPress site as described in 3. This approval flow preferably needs to be within the WordPress administrator interface.

3. Display: All approved user submissions need to be displayed in chronological order (based on date of submission. Display will include a thumbnail of the image submitted, alongside text. Clicking on the thumbnail will show the larger image and full text of the submission alongside other details. This can be in form of a pop-up (similar to the popup for submission). This page needs to be *responsive* that is show properly on all devices.

Please view the workflow for submissions here as what we want is almost identical to it:

Thanks for your interest. Please quote after reading through our description and viewing the example referenced. You will have administrator access to WordPress after first showcasing the functionality locally on your machine or an alternate installation.

Note: We will style the page ourselves but are open to your help with it.

*You must provide a write up of how your code works and related settings after completing the project*. Thanks for your interest.

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