WordPress Multisite Migration

We are looking for a WordPress Developer who can help up migrate our WordPress multisite network to another host and ensure everything is working and functional before we update our DNS. Note: this is not a simple migration exercise, as we have attempted this with another two hosts and their support teams have been unable to complete the exercise due to subsites not displaying correctly (infinite redirects, stylesheets not loading properly).

## Requirements
– English fluency
– WordPress Multisite expert
– PHP expert
– Have completed WordPress Multisite migrations previously

## Payment
We would prefer to pay a flat amount for each project phase completed (i.e. phase 1: multisite network migration completed and all sites functional on new host; phase 2: automating nightly database copies to redundancy host, phase 3: designing development and disaster recovery workflows with us from host 1 to host 2).

Job Type
How to Apply
Via web form