WordPress Plugin Rewrite

We have a plugin, mostly written with procedural PHP but also some OOP. It was patched over time and needs to be rewritten.

The basic features:
– has a shortcode that generates a simple form
– has a shortcode that generates a multi-step form (each step with its own template, js, etc)
– scripts are enqueued depending on what’s displayed (which step of the form)
– the form has basic validation with js and php
– the form adds a Woocommerce product in cart and links the current form to it
– once the payment is confirmed in Woo, an API call is made and the data is submitted externally
– every 5 minutes another API call is made to check the status of the previous submissions

Another info:
– data is stored via $wpdb in two separate tables
– some variables are kept in a config type file and they should be moved into a settings page (less than 10 input fields and two uploaded files)
– some emails are sent using Woocommerce template file when some events trigger them (payment, the 5 minutes checking etc)

The plugin should follow the WordPress and PHP OOP standards and be ready for publishing in WordPress.org directory.

At any point, we can offer support, explaining functionalities that are not obvious. The current plugin does everything that we need it to do, but it is pretty hard to be maintained.


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