WordPress Plugins – Product Manager

We are looking for a product manager for our WordPress plugins and possibly Shopify apps too. Our portfolio is listed at expresstech.io

Skills required:

1. Design skills – UI and UX both, can create basic but solid Mockups.
2. Strong Development background
3. Knowledge of WordPress ecosystem.
4. Can research on products, provide tangible feedbacks.
5. Eye for improving features
6. Can manage developers and support team in integrated form.

1. Quarterly and Sprint wise release planning.
2. Prioritise customer feedback and bug reports
3. Strategy building on product roadmap based on customer data and brainstorming/creative thinking.
4. Distribution of work to the development team .
5. Regular follow up on the sprint tasks by replying to blockers and overdue items.
6. Helping with hiring in future.
7. Helping improve the development and product management process going forward.
8. Merging PRs by the team. etc.

Please don’t send me a list of websites you have worked upon, they are almost spammy. Please be crisp and to the point on your application.

We have a team of 10 people with 4 devs and 1 PM already on board. We are completely remote team with Asia as the primary time zone.

The job is a monthly stable job with fixed salary. Mon-Fri 8 hours per day is our requirement.

Express Tech
Job Type
Full Time
How to Apply
Via email